Training plans for Marathon, Half Marathon, and 10k races.

Choose your fitness level and get started on the challenge.

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Introducing the AI Virtual Coach for Runners!

Our innovative technology creates personalized training plans to help you prepare for a marathon, half marathon, or 10k race, and sends daily tips to keep you motivated.

Save Time
Our professional training plans not only guide you to your race day but also optimize your training for better results with less effort.
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Daily Motivation
We understand the struggle of staying motivated for training. Our virtual coach is here to offer persistent support every day.
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Reduce Injury
Our running plans are designed to minimize your risk of injury while maximizing your performance gains. You'll arrive at the start line in the best possible shape, safely.
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Key Features to Help You Achieve Your Goals

We're constantly improving our AI virtual trainer. Your feedback helps us create the best tools for runners.

Stay Focused
Get daily notifications with your training plan for the day.
Race Preparation
Select your race date and use an optimized plan for your specific race.
For All Levels
Our training plans are optimized for your fitness level with input from experienced athletes.
Track Progress
Our program calculates weekly mileage and the percentage of your completed plan.
Metric System Options
Our bot supports both metric systems, kilometers and miles, for your convenience.
Expert Advice and Support
Our professional team and community are available to offer guidance and support, ensuring you're never alone.

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Maximize Performance

Your personalized running plan is designed specifically for your goals, promoting efficient and effective improvement in performance. You can trust our plan to avoid over-training, junk miles, or confusion over tapering.

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Register for Optimized Results
For optimal results, we request your gender, age, and a subjective assessment of your running level.
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Set Your Goals
Preparing for a marathon and 10 kilometers are not equivalent loads on the body. Don't mislead yourself.

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